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There is only One Being in the Universe. And, there are beings in that One Being. Human beings first know themselves. Learn their essence first and then they can connect to God. When you connect to God you are like a hawk. You start living multidimensional and multifaceted.

Those who are in agony are suffering from a side product of their ego. Not seeing the miracles around and see the misery only is egoism.

Do not become a voice among other voices. Be still, keep calm and be silent then you can become a witness of your surrounding.

Yeshua 27th, August 2017

Please try to understand the true words of Yeshua and, for this, your hearts must be pure, and your minds are calm. If your hearts and minds are full of lusts, then there will be no understanding of this words. You will only be misusing the divinity to find excuses to legalize your wrong behaviors.

God has created human beings biologically as blacks, whites and yellows. God is very close to us. God is everywhere. In our hearts and in our breath also in nature and in every good deed. If we put God to a place far from us, then He will be far from us. On the contrary God is with us all the time.

Do not put God somewhere unreachable. Yeshua is the guide of the straightest and most illuminated Broadway to God. To the very core of God. Once we are there, at the core of the God, we shall live eternally. That is the second birth. We will be born again spiritually, to live eternally in God. God is love and the keyholder of the gate of love is Yeshua.

Give your body to the service of God who is love by becoming love yourselves. Give love to all around you. Vibrate positive energy and don’t look back to see who has absorbed this positive energy and who has not. Those who are ready, who has reached to high frequencies of love will take it. Others with lower energies will reject it and be angry with you, thus will also try to pull you down to their level. So, never insist or argue with anybody.

God doesn’t like doubt. Grow closer to God and your faith in God must be solid. Leave dogmas and manmade religions. Don’t take them as a corner stone of your faith. Incorporate silence and solicitude into your life regularly and ask God to help you, praise Him and ask Him to forgive your mistakes.

Do not long for power and personal success. Power is necessary to protect yourselves and for malicious works. Personal success is selfishness. You do all your best and leave to others to evaluate you. Don’t run after personal success. Do your best and stay in peace. Stay calm. To reflect the energy coming from God one must stay calm. One must be in peace. Otherwise the more passionate and concerned about earthly matters you are, the less Divine Energy you can reflect.

Love is God’s way. Love is not Yeshua’s own personal way. Yes, God gave the order to Yeshua to teach love to all of us. To teach the World how one can obtain the eternal life. Yeshua came on Earth to teach us love simply by living among us.

Yeshua did not establish a religion but simply showed the way to love and thus, to eternity. He said; ‘’With love in your hearts you can reach me and God. All you need is love. Only love in your hearts like little children you can reach me and God. If you can reach me, you can reach to God. You can directly reach me by love. You don’t need any mediator.’’ Before Yeshua had come to World people were trying to reach love, but, could not. Even after that Yeshua had gone, even the closest people around Him could not understand what ‘love’ is. Very few people could rise to that consciousness.

God wants all His creatures to be happy. That’s why He has created the miracle called nature to please us. God is a miracle and everything He has created are miracles. For this reason, unhappiness is accepted as a rebellion against God. Live in joy and give thanks to the God, Almighty.

People think that when a person dies, that’s the end. The dead are just gone forever. But, they are wrong. Yeshua made it clear that death is not the end. He told a story about what happened after a rich man and a beggar died. Yeshua said; people remain conscious after their physchical bodies die, and they have their bodies, and people can feel pleasure or pain after they die.

Souls come to earth alone. But, some souls don’t return alone. They are welcomed by light bearers. Those souls are the ones who have spent their lifetimes in kindness and love. By doing so they have become light themselves and obtained the right to live eternally in light bodies. They do not incarnate again rather they also become the light bearers themselves. Majority of the humans go alone but if they have not lived a harmful life to others on earth they are to be taken for training before they are given another chance by God for re-incarnation on earth in flesh.

The wicked humans who have committed crimes such as blasphemy, fornication, rape, murder, false witnessing, sorcery and theft will not be awaken at all. They will not realize even they are dead and continue living in their miserable feelings under the ground for eons. They shall receive of the same sufferings of what they have done to others. ‘This is Divine Justice.’

Those who have killed intentionally are not forgiven. If they kill without knowing what they have done will be annihilated by God without any suffering but, those who have killed knowingly shall first suffer all their wickedness same as they caused to others and then annihilated. Annihilation process is such; the murderer’s souls will eventually diminish and will be erased totally from life. Their life energies will have mixed with nature or taken back by God. That is the second death. ‘The real death.’

At the last seven minutes prior to passing to afterlife one becomes, after a short unconscious sleep, completely free to travel to the places and times with his/her conscious. This includes the ancient times. At this last minutes I advise you to focus only on God and His light. Accept death and do not pay any more attention to earthly affairs or remains. In the last minute you will be shown the place you are going after death. This is in exception of those who have committed big crimes such as murder.

Human beings re-incarnate only as humans. The theory of re-incarnating as plants and animals before or after is completely wrong. There is no meaning in this. Plants and animals don’t re-incarnate. Once they die their life energies get merged with natural forces. They have no awareness as humans do.

Man is not a body. Man is a soul, a consciousness. And the body is just a temporary container, in which man must go through the next stage of study in the school of the material world.

Incarnate states of people are usually much shorter parts of their lives as compare to non-incarnate states. However, the development of man can only take place in the incarnate state. It is for this reason that the reincarnations are necessary, it is for this reason that God creates material worlds.

There are fictions on earth whereas here written truths only.

According to the potency of the person difficult tasks are given.

Knowledge is given but understanding belongs to the people themselves.

You must always think the beauty beyond when it rains. You must get out of the prison you have caged yourselves. You have made a wall around yourselves. There must be a door to get out otherwise you will bump into the wall.

Overthoughts are parasites and they suck the energy of your being. Without thoughts you maintain your energy in yourselves and it becomes a fullness.

Be open to learn otherwise you will become neurotics.

The point is that the body is the ‘factory’ for transformation of energy. Physical movements create energy and thus with this energy loaded to soul our consciousness growth process takes place both qualitatively and quantitively.

God is the living force for all. If a living creature with their own free will shall brake their ties with God while on earth, then they will disappear from the world of livings in the graves.

Yeshua said, “You shall learn the truth and the truth shall set you free’’. Liberation from suffering comes with truth. Be aware of dogmas because of them people have started denying God and His truth. God is love and once this truth is forgotten there is left nothing to hold on for kindness.

The word ‘truth’ has been translated from the Greek word ‘Alethia’ which originally means unforgettable. So, we understand from that we remember the truth inherited in us already. Truth is something we must remember. It has its own inherent and irresistible ‘witness’ to reality. People may lie to themselves but ultimately the truth has the final word. ‘‘The Light shine in the darkness and the darkness has not overcome it.’’

Yeshua said, if your spiritual leaders say to you, ‘’Look, the Divine Realm is in the sky, then the birds of the sky will get there ahead of you. If they say to you, ‘it is in the sea’, then the fishes will precede you. No, the Divine Reality is existing inside and all around you. Only when you come to know your true self will you be fully known and, you will understand that you are a child of the Living God. If, however, you do not come to know who you truly are, realizing your true self then you are poverty-stricken being, and it is your ‘self’ which lies impoverished.

If you helped somebody or do a favor for them don't talk about it. Don't keep repeating of your kindness. If you talk about the good deeds you have done for others than your good behaivours will be of no value. Because, repeatedly mentioning the kindness done is like digging the newly planted tree's roots.

Before Yeshua, ‘love’ was not known on earth. Before,’eternal life’ was not known. The real Creator was not known. Before Yeshua we were all under a strict law of retaliation. An eye to an eye. With Yeshua came unity of beings, love and light, forgiveness and brotherhood. With Yeshua came the freedom.

I hope most of you will awake before death and be taken.

You do not need a religion to reach me. All you need is love. Only with Love in your hearts as little children you can reach me and God. These are the steps of stair. Love, Me and finally God. With Love in your hearts you can reach me. If you reach me you can reach to God. I couldn't teach that to human beings.

You can directly reach me by love. Declare that to all people. They don't need any mediator.

Love God with all you soul, heart and mind and love people as yourself. All you need is love.

Do not be a warrior. Drop your shields. Leave your passion. Leave all your addictions, fear, nervousness. Let love be your path and light be your comrade on this path. Fill your heart with love for God and do not allow anything to violate this love. Do not put anything before your love for God. Keep calm. Do not allow nervousness to control your mind and do not let fear and infidelity fill in your heart.

Turn your face to light and let the light illuminate your face. You are neither your emotions nor your mind. You are a being above them. Be aware of your reactions. Watch them as a third person and criticize. Put them down when they are short tempered. When your mind become like a clear water reflecting all who looks at you and your emotions positive, full of love then you are eligible for becoming a part of the Holy Spirit.

Yeshua never said he was a personality equal to God. On the contrary he said, ‘the Father is greater than I’. He said, ‘I will rise to my Father, to your Father, to my God and to your God’. He prayed at His last minutes to the Father ‘Father forgive them because they don’t know what they are doing’. He said, ‘I deliver my soul to your Hands’.

‘’Without the trust in Yeshua, there is no stability.’’ Yeshua was the faithful and true witness and he also called ‘amen’. God sent Yeshua to expand his energy down to the earth to a biological body who is to be born from Virgin Mary. Yeshua, having been born from a woman and called ‘son of man’ whereas he was called ‘son of God’ before the birth. He was already an important part of the Holy Spirit, a Holy Spirit that was the first time born as son of man on Earth.

The Holy Spirit is a part of God’s Spirit and the active force of God. God sends His force to everywhere He pleases to get the duties done. The Holy Spirit is a name given by us and represents the pure souls. We human beings came on earth to be able to gain the right to become a Holy Spirit. Holy Spirit in general is a part of God’s spirit and the active force in universe. So Yeshua called us all to become the children of God, sparkles of God’s love by being brother with him. To be like Him. As we are to become the children of God we must become the brothers and sisters of Yeshua first because Yeshua is the son of God. Originally ‘the son’ means the sparkles of God’s love. The atomy particles of God’s light.

Holy Spirits live in the Kingdom of God. This is the second birth, eternal life in the core of God as light beings. Consciousness, living in light bodies instead of the flesh bodies. , is no gender, no nationality but ‘us’. Every conscious unit will have consciousness with their own integrity but acting as one.

The truth requires a much deeper understanding. Spirituality requires that you ask questions of yourself, whilst religions requires you to rely on books to move forward. And, by doing so millions of soul’s minds have been locked down. Religions has become the slave owner’s mental back doors. Organized religions all over the world have become politics.

Soul needs to be constantly stimulated with new concepts to challenge and to feel invigorated. As the apparently only living gods (Pagan gods prophets) are not speaking anymore, but the so-called living gods from among the various religious clergy, people need more stimulus. They gravitate the ways calling them from within their soul. Religion is memory based as people can only exchange holy books scriptures as opposed to their own original thinking. The person with the ability to recite more scriptures is regarded as the more gifted, not due to originate but to ability to recite script. This can also be good for some time but this has always been detrimental for people who believes them. They have been taken away from their real mission. That’s why the battle now commences with soul arguing with the programmed religious mind.

Discipline your life. Do the things that are hard to do: discipline is a necessary part of a successful life. The easy way out is for losers. Life will not coddle you out of your troubles, so don’t waste yourself in complaining and whining. Want some examples of discipline? Master your thoughts and have spiritual practice! These take discipline at first, but they become something you love to do because they work. Serve others as well as yourselves. Do something nice for everybody. Reach out for good. Give of yourself.

While living on earth, don’t disturb anybody, but make the world better with your caring. Love beauty and be curious. The world is incredible even if we’ve messed it up. Listen to uplifting music and read books. Create something. Learn something new. Take care of your body. Don’t eat junk. Drink pure water without chlorine and fluoride. Get adequate sleep. Have a stress elimination routine and do exercise.

The one who has entered the spiritual path has to separate in oneself the true, eternal and valuable for life in the highest eons from the false, which belongs only to this world. Then one must cultivate in oneself the first and get rid of the second. Those who have accomplished this become eternal in the Divine eons. That is, make sure that you see heavenly treasure as infinitely more precious than earthly material treasure. When your eyes see things this way, you are full of light. And if you don’t see things this way, even the light you think you see (the glitz and flash and skin and muscle of this world) is all temporary. You are sleepwalking through life. You are serving money as a slave without even knowing it, because it has lulled you to sleep. Far better is to be swayed by the truth - the infinite value of God.

God and the spirits hear not only the words which we say but also our thoughts, even the most ‘’secret’’ ones. They also see everything existing in the world of matter, in all detail. Not only clothes, under which we hide our bodies, but even the intestines of our bodies are under the sight of Them. We are visible to all. They examine us, admiring or compassionating, respecting or making fun, loving or disliking, despising, foretasting our future suffering.

You shall know the truth and what you have learned will set you free from all mortal passions and fears. Without the truth, there can be no real morality, justice, equality, unity, success, freedom, love, joy, peace, spirituality or even survival. Only the truth can stop the wars and make the world the paradise it can be.

Do not be a warrior. Drop your shields. Leave your passion. Leave all your addictions, fear, nerviousness. Let love be your path and light be your comrade on this path. Fill your heart with love for God and do not allow anything to violate this love. Do not put anything before your love for God. Keep calm. Do not allow nerviousness control your mind and do not let fear and infidelity fill in your heart.

Human beings are using their bodies as a weapon against each other. These are wrong doings.

Keep calm and be pure hearted, then you will have direct connection with God, Almighty. You will start getting your energy directly from God once you have reached and internalized the truth of life. You will be self-radiant like the stars in the universe. Once you become pure in heart you will be called as Holy Spirit. That you have gained the right again to live eternally in the core of God, just as it was in the beginning of the creation. You will start to sparkle your own light and you won’t be a reflection anymore.



All men are the children of God, and His Love and care are over all, and they are very dear to Him, otherwise He would not have rebestowed His Love upon them and given them the privilege of becoming inhabitants of His Celestial Kingdom. The Love of God is reaching out for every human beings, so that the meanest will be the object of His Care.


Every one who does not acknowledge that Yeshua is the best beloved Son of God, and brought to the Knowledge of Humankind the Rebestowal of the Divine Love, and declared to humans The Way in which that Divine Love may be obtained, is not a spirit that should be communicated with, for the purpose of learning Spiritual Truths.

Average human beings curse those who worship material things but, the same human beings curse those who worship God twice as much. Even if you are not wanted, continue with reflecting the love as the world needs this. You, yourself become light and sparkle your own light.

Nations repeating themselves without love and wisdom are bound to lose at the end. Racism, gender, color, nationality and social statues must not carry any importance and superiority feelings over other people. We must never drive away those who approaches us openheartedly with love. We must find a way to live in peace together. We must be kind to others. Individuals must be able to stand for good even if the rest of the world goes to opposite direction. The only way to reach God’s Kingdom which is eternal life in the core of Him, is love because God is Love.

God does not take revenge, but we separate ourselves from Him by thinking we can have separate lives for ourselves without the God, the Creator. God is the Source of life. God is inside and around us. We have been created to live in the core of Him eternally as His Holly Spirit’s sparkles at the highest eons. This is what we call the Kingdom of God, the core.

In the coming times, along with the new generations coming, the old will be replaced and, with this replacement, will come the new perceptions. As the new generations replace the old generations, beliefs will also be replaced. In fact, new generations will be clever, more energetic and more perceptive, but more mechanical and more egoistic as well. Religions will be deserted, and people will believe in a sort of Energy Source. They shall live more isolated life and get lonely.

Yeshua says that anger, hatred, insult, and public humiliation are tantamount to murder. He warned His disciples that murder begins with anger in the heart by saying “Everyone who hates his brother is a murderer; and you know that no murderer has eternal life abiding in him”.

Keep calm. Always keep your mind calm. Can you see yourselves on boiling water? No, you can’t, but if the water is calm like a mirror then you can see yourselves as if you are looking to a mirror. That’s important. If your mind is not calm enough, you cannot receive the life energies flowing to every direction from the Source. That’s why keeping calm is vital. Without having received the continuous flowing of the life energies one cannot stay healthy. Both physically and mentally.

So, keep away anxiety.

Keep calm.

Never lose your temper.

Praying is a great help to keep calm.

Also, daily grounding with soil and water are very essential.

They claim that the giants were living on earth once. They were of fallen angels' and world women's children. They were very wicked and destroyed by the flood. Is this true?

Yeshua: No, these are all fables. Human beings were shorter, you are taller now.

It is said that Abraham's sons Ishmael and Isaac, Ishmael is the fathers of Araps and Isaac is the father of Jews. Is that true?

Yeshua: They were all mixed up, brother. All got interbred.

They say human beings have seven chakras and if they can be opened completely one reaches the nirvana. Is that true?

Yeshua: The chakras, my brother, are all open and functioning completely. If not a person dies. One cannot live.

Could God not create the human beings as human beings of today? Is God not powerful enough for that? Certainly, God can, and He did. God doesn’t need evolution. God creates by the Word. Linear time as we perceive is our physical cognition whereas, in spiritual eons there is no time, only the present. Alfa and omega are seen together.

The first human beings were created almost 80 thousand years ago as todays human beings. Human beings became servants of their own bodies, whereas these bodies are only covers. Nothing else, and if you pollute them by bad feedings and bad thoughts your souls shall also be polluted. In addition to that wrong doings, human beings have started to use their bodies as a weapon against each other.

God creates the most perfect and beautiful because He is perfect and beautiful. We, human beings are the ones who destroy the beauty because we are jealous. We destroy the perfectness because we are greedy and unkind.

Also, evil doings of the tyrants which are in power of the big organizations like governments, financial foundations and religious sects got out of control. This will lead to a mass extinction of the species including human beings. Water will cover almost all over the world. There will be no life left on planet which had happened also before. When the planet renews itself a new race, both the bodies and the souls will be pure, will be created by God. The closing is a must unfortunately. Human beings have speed up the procedure. The duration is probably like what scientists expect. However, God knows only. It is up to Him. The human-like creatures like Cro-Magnon, Neanderthal were not human. They did not have the consciousness and awareness you have.

I had said: “God forgive them. They don’t know what they are doing”. Now they know what they are doing. They know that they are at the point of no return from their wickedness. They know that they will taste the second death. That’s why they carry on fiercely with their evil doings. That’s why I do not pray for them. I do not say: “God forgive them” any longer.

Pray to God only for goodness. God is the spring of goodness and cleanlines. From this clean spring is it possible to drink dirty water? But, if the mouths are dirty than the water also will get dirty in those mouths. So, never pray anything which is not for the goodness of yourselves and others. Cursing or imprecation cannot be prayed from God. Remember: ‘’Pray for your enemies also’’. Those who curse or damn will be punished by God.

The Kingdom of God is not where God reigns, but where His Source of Divine Power is.

‘’The time is fulfilled, and the Kingdom of God come near; repent, and believe in the good news. Seek first the Kingdom of God and His righteousness, and all these things shall be added to you’’.

Our physical identities are for examinations to reach to higher eons. The physical bodies we use are not us, but instruments for our souls to be developed. When we are finished with them they shall be left behind to soil where they came from originally. Our soul identities are what matters. What we load to our souls, here on Earth, we will become in after life. And, that some of you will wake up to light and some to darkness.

If you shut the truth and the Life out, then you miss the mark. If you give priority to other things by giving more emphasis to desires rather than truth, it is the only way you can commit a sin. The unseen enemies of mankind are those who are preventing humans from learning and changing. Open minded, rational humans are needed. The rest, by means of morality, will come as they start to realize that they have to have respect for themselves and, above all, for life. Up till now the word of God has been destroyed by the traditions that has been handed down.

Information is not wisdom, those who are full of information shall miss the truth longest.

The truth is simple. Not only educated, but the children can also understand it.

Love God with all your heart, wisdom and soul. This is spiritual love, love without seeing and hearing.

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